My middle son — if I do say so myself– is a genius.  Well, okay, I believe that all three of my young princes are geniuses.

But Adam said something recently that reaffirmed my belief. He recounted a conversation about spirituality that he had with a dorm-mate. The young man asked him, “How do you know there’s a God?”, to which my son replied, “Because when my Mom lost her job, we never missed a meal, that’s God.”



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4 Responses to Genius

  1. Sonja Bennett says:

    Wow!! What an awesome young man!….and yeah, with an AWESOME MOM!!! You bless me in ways you’ll never know!!! Sonja B.

  2. Sherry Harris says:

    All in his “raising” as my mother used to say!!!

  3. Shirley says:

    What a testimony! Just when we question our parenting, our children always reveal the light of our spirituality!

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