Talk is Cheap

I just had to have it. It was only $5 but the colorful words emblazoned across the front of this gray, H&M store tee-shirt were priceless to me. The words bore a message of diversity: “Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple. All colours are beautiful.” The inside tag summed it up: “Say No to Racism.” (It was a size 2 but I figured I could wear it around the house or to bed. No smirks please.)

As a purveyor of words that have capacity to change perspective, honor thoughts and actions, and present opinions on an infinite number of topics, I chose another of these small pieces of cloth for a gift and placed it under my arm. Then the sad thought occurred to me that insolence, hatred, and vitriol are bought and sold for so much more– and at the expense of so many.

Ultimately, talk is cheap. And so, apparently, can tee shirts be that call their readers and wearers to positive action. But accompanied by active demonstration, words will continue to resonate with me deeply. (And while the shirt may be a tad inappropriate for me to wear in public, I have chosen to write about it.)

So here’s to diversity and the commitment it requires to make it real.


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6 Responses to Talk is Cheap

  1. You could always give me the t-shirt. You know I am a champion for diversity! And yes, talk has always been cheap. Thank you for reminding us that we need to take action.

  2. Your words truly resonate especially when you can turn on the tv any given day and see that a life has been taken or negatively affected based on nothing more than the color of someone’s skin.

  3. Sherry Harris says:

    A size 2 will never again be in my wardrobe…But, talk is cheap; that’s why I love those who “back up” their words!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Well written and spoken, as always! I love reading your words and hearing your voice–it always calms my spirit and makes me feel better! Love you Ms. Crystal!

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