The Fire in My Belly

I’m no different than any other woman, mother, or entrepreneur.

What I mean is that I was born with a purpose just like everyone else. Where our paths diverge is how we come to the realization that we have a purpose and how we put that purpose to work. What makes me and each one of my fellow human beings special is that our God-given purpose is uniquely designed to make a difference, and that arriving at that great reveal is what will set us apart.

I am destined to make a difference. I have a fire in my belly because I know that it will be so. I am so excited about the future, starting one minute from now. When I begin to feel fearful, I remind myself that I am destined. When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I remind myself that I am destined. When I see barriers, I remind myself that I am destined. And I decide that I have no choice but to put one foot in front of the other and trust that my determination, obedience, and faith will prevail. And as that happens–yes, AS, not when– I experience a daily revelation that my legacy exists in the moment and is not some far-fetched dream to which I aspire. It is a gift in my possession. I can choose to sit it on the shelf looking pretty as a picture or learn how to use it so that “my living will not be in vain”.



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One Response to The Fire in My Belly

  1. C. Stanley says:

    Amen. I can totally relate to this post. Thank you for sharing. It’s important to commemorate such lessons on your way to the mountain top.

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