Return to Sender

My 12-year-old son came in from his neighborhood romp with a gun in his hand, literally wiping my speech slate clean.
“Mom, Bill (his friends’ names have been changed to protect the innocent) gave me this so we can play together. It’s not real.”
He continued, the look on his face saying I know how you feel about guns but I thought I’d try anyway.
“When I play at James’ house, we wear gear.”
I took a deep breath, touching the ‘ammunition’ he had brought home in a plastic Ziploc bag, expecting for it to be of Nerf material. I was determined to explain while the words “Hell to the no!” rolled around on the tip of my tongue.
“I don’t like that,” I said. “First of all, he lives right down the street so he doesn’t need to give you one of his guns in order to play this so-called game. Second and foremost, you could be and could have been easily misidentified and mistaken for some runaway rogue whose poor judgement could change or end your life. And thirdly, if you need gear to play with this life-like gun, hell to the no! Return to sender!”
End of discussion with child.
Stay tuned for discussion with parents.


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