Making It Plain

“Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it…”

I’ve had this age-old epiphany that this scripture from Habakkuk encourages and admonishes us to publish our own visions and goals. I have translated that to mean that when I write something down, it not only becomes real but forces me to assess my thoughts and revisit my desires. I’ve come to believe that this is why I’m so drawn to pen and paper. God ordained it that way: I am convinced that I am purposed for communication that makes a difference.

When we first met to assess my business management skills, my Project Manager told me that I needed to perform a brain-dump and stop trying to remember so much. More than my Project Manager, she’s my sister in Christ, so it stands to reason why she would recommend this tactic. 

As a writer, it is not uncommon for me to strongly suggest to friends and acquaintances that they put their thoughts on paper. My mind is constantly engaged about the issues of life, the decisions I’ve made and why I made them, the ones I need to make, my hopes and dreams,with prayers, my overall purpose and whether I’m fulfilling it. When we document such, we can return to them and reflect. And we have also created yet another venue through which we can then share our experiences with others.

I can only take one day at a time. But while I appreciate and learn to live in the moment, my writings give me a glimpse not only of what has been but what’s to come.


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