A Special Place

There’s nothing special about me.

What I mean is I’m no different from the next woman, mother, entrepreneur, person. Everyone was born with a purpose. Where our paths diverge is how we arrive at that revelation and what we do with that knowledge.

Oprah, for example, has used her life lessons to help build up others. So tears well up in my eyes when I watch footage of her selfless giving “binges”, paying it forward rather than participating in massive personal acquisition.

Oprah, like you, like me, has had her moments in the valley. She may be a billionaire but she’s human just like the rest of us. What I’m trying to say is life will consistently challenge you with grief, heartbreak, disappointment, devastation, anger, and (just fill in the blank). But if we learn how to face those low moments, the celebrations and victories will take us to unimaginable heights!

There’s a scene in the movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” where the protagonist Kimberly Elise is narrating from a journal her character is keeping throughout the movie to document her feelings as she experiences the depths of devastation. In this particular scene she speaks of the days getting easier to face as time wears on because she is learning authentic happiness. She says, “I find myself…wait a minute, that’s it, I’m finding myself.”

In the past, I’ve used the fetal position as a coping mechanism. Harmless enough. Wasn’t hurting me or anyone else, right? It wasn’t necessarily helping either. Just recently, I had an epiphany while standing in my kitchen: I hadn’t been in that fetal position in a long while. Instead, I have replaced it with time “in my closet.”

It’s a position and place I “find myself” looking forward to experiencing at any time and in any place. So, here’s my revelation: just know that life’s curveballs will come but where you find yourself will make all the difference in this earthly world.


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  1. It is my turn at the bat and I am not going to strike out! I will probably need some extra playing time.

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