Good Grief

(This post is not to espouse perfection, but rather to acknowledge the blessing of having the opportunity to reflect, to learn, and to grow…)

Lately, I’ve been given glimpses of how God must feel when we reject him.  I now know of His grief. A life-long friend and I were discussing how over the years we have co-signed for each other along the way, all the while maturing into the women we are today. Our kindred spirits are those of action. We want to “fix” things, and so we have used our time mulling, crying, strategizing, and even calling each other to rewind certain vitriolic conversations where we high-fived each other over the airwaves with smug, false, and short-lived contentedness.

We’ve come to realize that intellect can only take you so far, that self-imposed answers to the issues of our lives have limits, that control is relative. God is in control, and He’s ready and willing to take the lead in our lives. But when we reject Him, he grieves, much like a parent does when a child is disobedient.

I now understand the grief I cause God when I am disobedient because my own personal experience with rejection has opened my heart to understanding that grief. It’s an indescribable hurt, but one that nonetheless and obviously has been necessary in order for me to become aware of the fact that as difficult as it may be to step aside and let Him lead, it is what we must do as we carry out our life roles.

It may be easier said than done, but it’s a lot easier than going in circles. I’m convinced.

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