My Sanctuary

I’m sitting in a sanctuary right now.  My writing sanctuary. I’m not alone. I’m enveloped by me, myself, and I. After a full 365-degree circle of a year, I find myself in a space that allows me to reflect, celebrate, and just take it all in.

The neighbor’s weed-eater whirs in the background, beautiful sunlight illuminates my writing space, and I’m recalling a recent conversation with a very pragmatic and beautiful 15-year-old who had just heard me tell her never to relax her personal standards and allow anyone to remove her from her purpose. We were chatting about relationships.

“Well, why did you settle?” she asked. She is aware of my impending divorce and wondered how and why the tenure lasted as long as it did.

I told her that I was willing to forgive because none of us are perfect. For that matter, I needed forgiving too. We all do. But I went on to say that we have very unique journeys and that the choices I made were not necessarily those which she should aspire to mimick. What is most important in my case is that I have learned lessons and even more importantly, I will share them with those who care to hear what I learned. Your great reveal might inspire them to take action, give them hope, or prove to them that they can survive life’s tumbles. That’s what I want her to aspire to do, I told her.

Protect your purpose and guard your heart, I maintained. Pray for discernment, be patient, and take a step back to assess before making decisions. It’s called maturity, it gets better with time, and you cannot rush it. Love means so much more when you can recognize and appreciate it. Until then, it is only a figment of your imagination.

About crystalswords

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