Part II

I wrote most recently about a brief conversation I had with a young teen about relationships. I encouraged her to guard her heart and to listen to her gut. I’ve got more musings, having just returned from my cousin’s beautiful wedding this  weekend.

I noticed that this hopeless romantic didn’t immediately gush and wipe away tears at the first wedding bell. Instead I said a deliberate prayer for the couple, having lived and learned the importance of finding and having a help-mate who truly takes that God-given role seriously. I have an electronic sticky note on my laptop computer desktop in which I’ve carefully crafted the following words: Unconditional love avoids the finite, the demand for reciprocity; it gently and lovingly pushes forward as it seeks harmony, acknowledges human worth, and recognizes the infinite potential for companionship.

I prayed that everyone in attendance– as well as those who weren’t but who knew of the event– was in spiritual concordance that this couple’s success would be based on its incorporeal foundation and growth. I know how my cousin was raised, and I watched him naturally employ his upbringing with his new wife.  He was patient, kind, loving, and seemed content with his public promise to be the head of his household, guided by God.

And God is love.

That is all.

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2 Responses to Part II

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  2. Weldon says:

    Great words of encoragement faith and love! One day I hope to find the same thing.

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