On Love

A poem post:

On my Knees Kinda Love






asking my Father for His guidance once again,

and He answers (He always does):

He instills in me this renewed hope…

in Love no less.

So after I thank Him for one more day and for one more chance to do His will

and for my progeny and everything before and after,

I  stay on my knees and pray,

for the kinda love that’s reciprocal yet imperfect

the kinda love you enjoy exploring

the kinda love you look forward to giving

the kinda love that makes your insides feel like molten lava and peppermint carefully mixed together by a Love Chef

the kinda love where respect resides

That serious silly kinda love that sends you to the ends of the earth in your head wherever you are  (standing, sitting, not even moving)

The kind that smells like patchouli and sandalwood and vanilla and leaves a fresh rich chocolately after-taste in your spirit.






’cause I’m asking Him to show me how to give that kinda love

how to be that kinda love

to allow me to be a comfort, a friend, a rock, a shoulder, a mutually loved one who has so much love to give that she never grows weary of releasing it into the universe.

And before I say Amen,

I thank him once again because for a while there

just for one tragic minute,

I couldn’t even imagine that kinda love.


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3 Responses to On Love

  1. Beautiful poem! Keep writing.

  2. debbiewarren says:

    absolutely beautiful!!

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