Writing Through My Tears: A Message From Trayvon


I wrote this first in my love journal– a journal I bought expressly for love notes and thoughts because the verdict handed down on the Trayvon Martin case has everything to do with a lack thereof.

I concede that we, as a people– just like all people– have had and continue to have our own infighting issues. But that does not excuse one more murder. I believe if Trayvon were able to speak, his message might be something like this:

To the America where I lived and thought I was free:

When I was born into this dichotomous world of love and hate, I had a purpose just like everyone else. My life had its ups and downs– one of the highlights may have been the simple and overwhelming joy I brought to my parents as their son. I can even say that my friendships gave me pleasure. My downs became more apparent as I entered the teenage years. Just like most teenagers, I was coming into my own and trying to find out what I, Trayvon, liked and didn’t like and how I fit into this big, complicated world. Then George Zimmerman stepped to me. He came, uninvited, threatening, preying on my vulnerability as a youth who was naturally unsure of myself. I was rattled by this stalker who chose to abuse his power, joining legions of those who throughout history have done so not just because they can but because they lack the love and respect we should all have for one another.

So I get it now.

My message was my short life underscored by my parents’ demonstrative strength, grace, faith, and love. If I were to put it into words, I would just say, “Handle your business.” Too many have lost their lives at the hands of hate and injustice. It’s time to join our fellow man and strengthen our civil disobedience strategy by working to change the laws like Stand Your Ground that somehow justify disrespect and hate.

Wake up everybody.

You still can. I can’t.


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2 Responses to Writing Through My Tears: A Message From Trayvon

  1. Sharon Elliott-Bynum says:

    Crystal thank you this is the very conversation I had with my son and grandson in between the tears

  2. RJoynes says:

    Real truth

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